There are a number of surveys to consider when purchasing a property or taking on a commercial lease. Surveys are essential so you have a detailed understanding of the building you’re coveting. For each acquisition we’ll recommended the appropriate survey based on the information provided. All recommendations are bespoke to individual properties, and our traffic light system makes the reports easy to digest for those not so familiar with building language.

Dobanti specialises in the following surveys:


Condition Report – Level 1

Condition Surveys are mainly used for new style properties compliant with recent building regulations. These buildings are generally not too large or complex.

Our Condition Survey will include a visual inspection of the building and a written report objectively describing the condition of the property. Recommendations are made for any further investigations if necessary and legal issues raised if any obvious risks are found.


Homebuyer Style Report – Level 2

Our HomeBuyer Style Report is a more extensive than a Condition Survey and we recommend these for properties constructed post war where modifications to the original building have been made. These surveys are more detailed and normally include the inspection of sealed voids where accessible, including roof spaces, drainage manholes etc.

Please note that we do not include valuation advice for mortgage purposes in this level 2 report.


Building Survey – Level 3

Building Surveys are the most in-depth assessment that we offer. They are particularly relevant if you’re considering an older style property or one that has been constructed in a less than conventional way.

Our Building Survey includes a thorough on-site examination of the building although it’s important to note that it won’t always be possible to view all parts of the building and its fabric. Consequently, some assumptions are made based on supporting evidence.


Improvements & Alterations Report

Our Improvement & Alternations Surveys are ideal for those planning to make significant improvements to a property. This includes extensions, loft conversions and change of use applications. Our report will look at the feasibility of the project and implications for the build including costs and timescales.


Limited Building Inspection Reports

Our Limited Building Inspection Reports are used when there is an identifiable area of concern in a property, for example damp or structural movement. These reports focus in-depth on the defect at hand and provide recommendations for correction, with listed implications if the problem goes untreated.