At some point in its life every building will need updating in addition to planned maintenance whether that’s cosmetic improvements only, or larger structural repairs.

Our Property Performance services cover a range of options to ensure your home or office remains in good health.


Pathology Issues and Problem Solving

Building Pathology looks into the causes and resolution of construction problems including defects and poor performance. At a residential level, it most commonly covers issues such as damp or structural movement which can often be quite complex.

Dobanti is experienced at identifying and resolving the underlying causes of faults and issues associated with all types of buildings.


Insurance and Re-building Valuations

From time to time it’s sensible to check that you’re adequately ensured for the correct rebuilding cost. We offer simple valuation based on the properties size and type using current rates and projected indices to cover the life of the property.



Dobanti works on behalf of either landlords and tenants when disputes arise at the end of a tenancy regarding the property condition. Our role is to objectively identify and detail any breaches of the lease in so far as maintenance is concerned, and to prepare an interim and/or terminal schedule.


Structural Diagnostic & Repair

During a building’s life all sorts of issues can cause it to become structurally unsound including subsidence, water damage and poorly planned alterations. We work with clients to identify and rectify structural issues in both residential and commercial properties.


Expert Witness

From time to time, when disputes arise, Expert Witness Statements are necessary. Dobanti are able to report on a wide range of construction issues as required.